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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — Imagine waking into your business to find water spewing from the wall, the drains and even the sink and toilet. Well that’s exactly what happened to several small business owners and even though the city of Atlanta is responsible the business owners say they haven’t stepped up to help.

“Water was just gushing from here and there was an over flow in the creek,” said small business owner Joshua Jackson. Jackson says back on April 19, when the storms came through the area, it began to flood and not just outside but inside his gym 4th Quarter Performance.

“Back here was probably one of the deepest puddles and water. It was gushing from out of the wall”, said Jackson, as he showed CBS46 the damaged areas “That lets you know that one of the water lines from that popped” added Jackson.

But he wasn’t talking about the regular water lines. He’s talking about the city of Atlanta drainage pipes that had become overwhelmed with storm water and as a result began backing up into multiple businesses in the West Midtown area, destroying everything it came in contact with.

“Anything that was inside of here I had to replace. And, that’s been the unfortunate part because within the city they say make a claim with us and here it is almost 2 months and they say it’s gonna be another month before the investigator even comes out to even look at the place”, said Jackson.

He says he was told it could take 6 months or even years to be reimbursed but while they wait on the city they’ve had to redo their drywall, the flooring, bathrooms, and replace equipment. Unexpected expenses that have made it difficult to keep their doors open.

“What’s fortunate is that, this is something that I didn’t do or I can not control, but it’s impacting my business and they’re dragging their feet for something that they’re not hardened by or is not hurting their pockets

CBS46 reached out to the city multiple times but so they haven’t responded as to why its taking so long to fix the drainage issue in the area or reimburse small business owners for their damages. But we will continue to work to get results.

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